Tattoo Contest

The Basics

We will be having Tattoo contests on both days of the show. Pre-Judging for Saturday and Sunday begins at 5pm with the contest starting at 6pm. If you would like to enter your tattoo in one of the many competition categories, simply sign up at the Scream & Ink information booth (15 minutes before).  There is a nonrefundable entry fee of $10 per tattoo for each contest category.  (Best in show is free to enter)

A Panel of carefully selected tattoo artists and Enthusiasts will judge the Tattoo competitions. The competing tattoo’s will be displayed to the attendees on our giant big screens (if capable) and will be announced over a P.A. system to keep attendees informed on all the details of the competing pieces.

The results of all competitions will be published over the programing screens and social media. All competitions are as impartial as humanly possible.

So please no sore losers…

The winners will also have their pictures  taken for websites, local press and even possibly magazine articles.  In other words Bragging rights.


The Judges

A panel of a carefully selected tattoo artists and enthusiasts will judge the Tattoo completion. Special Unbiased Judges will join us to judge the amazing tattoos that will enter to win one of a kind awards.  Our mission to all contests is to provide “One Hell of Good Judge” at this years tattoo competitions! We will carefully choose the perfect judges at Scream & Ink.



The contest categories 


Saturday                                             Sunday

Black and Grey                                Color

Back / Chest                                      Sleeve (leg or arm)

Horror                                                    Pinup

Realism                                                 Best in Show

Most covered canvas                   Worst Tattoo


***Categories subject to change without notice***